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15 violations for Racing Tacos in Kansas City; Moldy Jicama and cilantro in the reach in cooler

15 violations for Racing Tacos in Kansas City; Moldy Jicama and cilantro in the reach in cooler

By: Robert Dewey |

Kansas City, KS

Racing Tacos


The Kansas of Agriculture’s Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services conducted an unannounced retail food inspection on November 25, 2019. As a result of that inspection, and due to the severity of the specific violations the Racing Tacos in Kansas City was cited as being, “Out of Compliance” with Kansas food safety regulations. During this inspection a total of 15 violations were found.

The inspector made the following comments in support of the violations found during the inspection:

  • Moldy Jicama and cilantro in the reach in cooler, cos, discarded.
  • Baked cookies stored on the counter. PIC stated they don’t make them. PIC could not provide a invoice or say where the cookie came from. COS, removed.
  • Raw pork in a foil pan store without a top stored on top of lettuce and tomatoes in the reach in cooler. COS, raw pork removed.
  • Package raw beef stored above a container of cooked rice in the reach in cooler. COS, raw beef removed. Raw shell eggs stored above ready to drink tea, and a container of mayo in the RIC. COS, raw egg removed.
  • A large container of cooked beans 49F in the reach in cooler. PIC stated the beans were cooked on 11/24/19 at 12 PM. COS, beans discarded.
  • Beans 49F cooling into a large container. COS advise PIC to use ice paddles or use smaller containers for cooling.
  • Cooked beef 59F stored in a table-top hot holding steamer. PIC stated the rice was placed in the warmer at 9:00 AM. COS, item removed from the warmer for fast reheating.*
  • Cooked jalapeño 59 stored in pot on a prep table. PIC stated it was taking out of the reach in cooler for the preparation to make salsa. PIC stated the peppers had been out since 9 AM. COS, pepper placed back in to the RIC until it ready to be used.
  • Cooked beef, tamales in the reach in cooler without a preparation date. PIC stated the items were made on 11-22-19. COS, item dated.
  • Slice ham, opened package, and a container of milk in the reach in cooler without opened container dates. Sliced ham was opened on 11-22-19, and the milk was opened on 11-22-19.
  • Tamales stored in a plastic thank you bag in the reach in cooler. Plastic thank you bags strips used to wrap and hold together tamales. COS, plastic removed.
  • PIC provided test kit for quaternary but using chlorine for a sanitizer. PIC did not have test kit for the use of chlorine.
  • Dried food debris on the blade of the can opener. COS, item removed for cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Cleaned dish stacked on top of the basin of the handsink. COS, items removed.
  • A spray bottle of degreaser stored above bottles of cola. COS, chemical removed.

* The temperature danger zone is food temperatures between 41 and 135 degrees Fahrenheit and the most rapid bacteria growth occurs between 70 and 125 degrees Fahrenheit. The longer food sits in this temperature range, the greater the risk that bacteria will begin to grow on food.

Abbreviations used by inspectors:

AVB- An Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker (AVB) is a backflow prevention device used in plumbing to prevent backflow of non-potable liquids into the drinking water system
BOH- Back of the House
CFSM- Certified Food Safety Manager
COS- Corrected on-site during inspection
FCS- Food contact surface
PIC- Person-in-charge
PHF- Potentially Hazardous Foods
RIC- Reach in cooler
RTE- Ready to Eat
WIC- Walk-in cooler