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Chili’s Bar and Grill fouls inspection; At bar, Martini glasses stored as clean with food debris remaining on them, 5 violations

Chili’s Bar and Grill fouls inspection; At bar, Martini glasses stored as clean with food debris remaining on them, 5 violations

By: Robert Dewey |

Wichita, KS

Chili’s Bar and Grill


The Kansas Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services conducted an unannounced retail food inspection on 3/2/2020. As a result of that inspection, and due to the severity of the specific violations the Chili’s Bar and Grill was cited as being, “Out of Compliance” with Kansas food safety regulations. During this inspection a total of 5 violations were found.

The inspector made the following comments in support of the violations found during the inspection:

  • On grill line, employee donned extra mitten glove and handled raw beef then used gloved hands to remove and ball up extra glove before discarding. Employee did not remove other gloves or wash hands before handling container of melted margarine. Corrected on Site (COS)- Educated. Employee removed gloves and washed his hands.
  • Servers are responsible plating salads, soups, adding toppings, and plating chips and salsa. Female employee that was working with salads, had long, colored, artificial nails without gloves. COS- Educated.
  • On east prep table, there was a container of sliced tomatoes that were temped at 45 and garlic butter temped at 46. Both containers were filled past their fill line. Food in the bottom of containers were in temperature and all other PHF in table was in compliance. COS- PIC removed and discarded food above the fill line and returned to prep table. On server line, there was a container of shredded cheese temped at 45 sitting in an ice bath. PIC stated cheese had been placed in ice bath about 3 hours ago. COS- Remaining cheese will be served or discarded within next hour. Discussed using time as a control, will leave handout.
  • At bar, there were three martini glasses stored as clean with food debris remaining on them. COS- Person in Charge (PIC) removed martini glasses to 3 vat sink to be re-washed. In prep area, there were three containers stored as clean with old stickers still on them. COS- PIC removed stickers from containers.
  • In dish area, the hand-washing sink was temped at 95 after running for several minutes. This was not corrected on site. PIC stated he would contact a plumber.

Abbreviations used by inspectors:

AVB- An Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker (AVB) is a backflow prevention device used in plumbing to prevent backflow of non-potable liquids into the drinking water system
BOH- Back of the House
CFSM- Certified Food Safety Manager
COS- Corrected on-site during inspection
FCS- Food contact surface
PIC- Person-in-charge
PHF- Potentially Hazardous Foods
RIC- Reach in cooler
RTE- Ready to Eat
WIC- Walk-in cooler