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Conroy’s Public House in Westwood bumbles inspection; Can opener had dry food debris on the blade that comes in direct contact with food

Conroy’s Public House in Westwood bumbles inspection; Can opener had dry food debris on the blade that comes in direct contact with food

By: Robert Dewey |

Westwood, KS

Conroy’s Public House

The Kansas of Agriculture’s Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services conducted an unannounced retail food inspection on 3/2/2020. As a result of that inspection, and due to the severity of the specific violations Conroy’s Public House was cited as being, “Out of Compliance” with Kansas food safety regulations. During this inspection a total of 8 violations were found.

The inspector made the following comments in support of the violations found during the inspection:

  • In the kitchen reach in cooler, under the make that faces the grill, a plate of cooked chicken wrapped in plastic wrap was stored directly on top of two metal pans of wrapped raw beef. No leakage. Corrected on site: cooked chicken was moved away from raw product. Reach in cooler was rearranged. In the tall refrigerator located by the fryers, a large metal pan had individual pans of uncovered raw fish stored next to a covered metal pan of pickles. No leakage. Corrected on site: pickles were removed to the top shelf. Education and information provided. In the walk in cooler, a metal pan of uncovered raw pork, and a plastic pan of covered raw corned beef were stored over a box of raw beef that was above a large pan with raw onions. In a wire shelf, a pan of raw hamburgers covered with plastic wrap was stored directly above a closed container of cooked french fries. No leakage observed. Corrected on site: walk in was rearranged. Education provided.
  • The coil of the beer dispenser was stored directly on top of the ice used for customers beverages. Corrected on site: coil was moved.
  • In the kitchen prep table, over a pan of ice, several dressing bottles were held above 41 F. Ranch dressing 66 F, Honey Mustard 70 F, Raspberry Dressing 67 F, Balsamic Dressing 63 F, Caesar Dressing 66 F. Person in charge said all dressing bottles were placed at the table at 11:00 AM. Time temperatures were checked was between 3:01 PM and 3:04 PM. Corrected on site: all dressing voluntarily discarded. In the kitchen by the cook line, on a cart, a large pan with cooked French fries was held at 59 F without temperature control. Person in charge said they brought pan out at 11:00 AM. Time temperature was checked was 3:29 PM. Corrected on site: potatoes were voluntarily discarded.*
  • In the walk in cooler, a container with commercially prepared baked beans was not date marked. Person in charge said baked beans was opened the day before in the morning for breakfast. Time checked was 3:39 PM. Corrected on site: container was date marked.
  • In the walk in cooler, prepared on site Chipoltle/mayonnaise sauce was date as prepared on 2/24/20. A container of prepared on site caper dressing was date marked as prepared on 2/20/20. Today is 3/2/20, > 7 days. Corrected on site: chipoltle sauce and caper dressing were voluntarily discarded.
  • Uncooked pizza dough was stored in direct contact with a “Thank You” bag in the kitchen make table. Corrected on site: Pizza dough was moved to a metal pan.
  • The mounted can opener had dry food debris on the blade that comes in direct contact with food. Corrected on site: can opener was moved to be washed.
  • The hand washing sink located in the kitchen closer to the prep/cooking area was blocked by a large bucket, and half of the sink was blocked by a tall refrigerator. Corrected on site: bucket was removed and large refrigerator was moved away from the sink.

* The temperature danger zone is food temperatures between 41 and 135 degrees Fahrenheit and the most rapid bacteria growth occurs between 70 and 125 degrees Fahrenheit. The longer food sits in this temperature range, the greater the risk that bacteria will begin to grow on food.